Allergies and their misconceptions:

Often times we receive customers who face the problem of allergies with their pets. In most cases, they have tried far too many expensive methods and not the simplest approach.
A dogs allergies will be, environmental, food based or both
Since changing the environment is not an option, changing the food SHOULD be the first approach. This gives you 2 options, you remove chicken and grains from the dogs diet (the 2 most common allergens) or you go to a highly hypoallergenic food such as Kangaroo. Do not feed a diet made of feathers, the answer to a protein allergy is not to give your dog a food with little to no usable protein that is excessively expensive.
The important information to remember here is 2 fold, 1. hypoallergenic does not mean impossible to be allergic too and 2. your dog can only be allergic to a protein he has encountered. So how do you choose which method? It's rather simple, if your dogs allergies are mild and do not require expensive medical treatments then remove Chicken and Grains which only slightly elevate your dog food expenditure. If the allergy symptoms are sever enough to require expensive medications, creams and shampoos then switch to a highly hypoallergenic food such as Kangaroo. We reserve Vegan diets for the worst cases. Once the food allergy is under control you can try introducing less expensive proteins and should be able to find alternative proteins for the dog. This brings up another point. Feeding the same protein for the life of the dog is not recommended. Not only does it render the digestive track "lazy" but it increases the risk of the animal developing an allergy.

Now what if the food doesn't work. Well often times it doesn't, we've seen dust allergies, pollen, mold etc. These are factors that simply can't be controlled. If your dog only suffers allergy in the summer then you can safely say it's environmental. Now just because you can't change the issue doesn't mean you need to go to expensive tests or medications. Allergies on their own don't hurt your dog, but what they do is cause Yeast issues. Ear infections and skin infections are caused by the yeast in the skin. If you can remove the yeast, or at least control it then the allergy will be under control. Yeast feeds on the sugars found in starch's, by eliminating things like grains, tapioca, potato, etc... and switching to a lentil based food will help remove the majority of the food source for the yeast thus lowering it's population. On top of this giving your dogs probiotics such as those found in plain yogurt will increase the amount of "good" yeast in a dogs diet and will out compete the "bad" yeast. Introducing this with every meal like you can with a food made by NutriSource, which is extremely high in probiotics and prebiotics will often times clear up yeast problems such as ear infections and skin infections.
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